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We facilitate change in organizations and in society

we are

We are a training and consulting company, experts in theory and systemic methodologies, that want to facilitate change in organizations and in society . We help leaders develop the leadership skills necessary to lead complex organizations in times of change. We know that changing the level of consciousness from which actions are carried out will change the final result of everything we do, which is why we facilitate conscious change in leadership.

We use the innovative methodology of systemic maps or constellations to reveal the invisible dynamics that are in your system, limiting its potential. Through generative and dynamic dialogues, we apply the knowledge of how human systems work, which allows us to order the systems to align them with their purpose. 


Ofrecemos talleres, formación y consultoría a líderes y organizaciones en pensamiento sistémico y uso de constelaciones, para liberar el potencial creativo y el propósito de las personas y sus organizaciones. 


Buscamos generar espacios sistémicos que despierten la inteligencia colectiva de sistemas, para que así puedan resolver problemas complejos y liderar transformaciones en su interior y en la sociedad.

"By working systemically, or from the intelligence of the system, a solution space is found that works for everyone. It is a win-win-win, a process where everyone wins and so does the environment."


The Whole Partnership UK is a leading company and pioneer in systemic work in the UK, with over 50 years of experience working with leaders and companies such as the BBC, Unilever and others. 




Josefina is a consultant and change facilitator with extensive professional experience in the public and private sectors and NGOs in South America, USA, UK and Europe. She is associated with The Whole Partnership UK, and runs workshops around the world to unlock people's development and help them reach their potential.

Josefina is also co-founder of an NGO, which promotes innovation in Chilean schools and supports young leaders to make a difference in the world.

Master in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University, Master in Organizational Constellations from Bert Hellinger Instituut and has trained in Jungian Psychology with SAP, London. Certified Consultant with Still-Moving Practitioners


Alejandra is a commercial engineer and social entrepreneur. It is  Co-Founder and Director of the Santiago Oriente Sports Club, forerunner of women's, school and professional soccer in Chile. In parallel, he formed a consultancy and an NGO for sustainable education, with which he dedicated himself to promoting sports and sustainability programs in vulnerable schools throughout Chile.  

In 2006 she won the 100 Young Leaders award and in 2009 she was recognized by  Women Entrepreneurs with the Social Responsibility mention.

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