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"We're going to dive deep but lightly, have fun and learn together."
Edward Rowland

In this introductory program you will learn the essential principles, methods and skills to begin integrating the systemic lens into your work, along with acquiring powerful tools to lead systemic change as a coach or as a change catalyst leader.


This program will allow you


  1. Understand the key principles, history and sources of systemic constellations

  2. Use the CLEAR™ method of Coaching and Systemic Leadership Constellations developed by Edward Rowland, which uniquely incorporates Theory U and Bert Hellinger's principles. This makes it possible to bring constellations inside organizations in a very natural way.

  3. Use the constellation methodology, both in leadership contexts and in 1-1 coaching and team coaching. You will learn to map problems and systems in different ways (desk style, with floor markers, or using human representatives) so that you can work flexibly in different contexts.

  4. Quickly obtain a systemic overview of the nature of your challenges, those of your team and/or clients through the configuration of Simple Diagnostic Constellations of broader systems.

  5. Develop the skills necessary to sense systems, order and make decisions in complexity

  6. Apply the “Four Ways of Knowing”: intuitive, emotional, physical and intellectual intelligence.

  7. Understand, both experiential and  conceptually, the “hidden orders” that shape systems, enabling organizational change and well-being.

  8. Find the most empowered "place" in relation to the client, team or organization in general, and understand what this approach requires of the facilitator in terms of Presence and capacity for containment.

  9. Have a sense of meaning and purpose, experiencing a deeper connection with the nature of organizations and human systems


  • 2 Theoretical modules that include systemic principles, intervention models and history of constellations.

  • CLEAR™ Methodology

  • Systemic map configuration tools. as desktop constellations, with floor markers, or using human representatives.

  • Organizational Purpose Model developed by Edward Rowland.

  • Development of change facilitation skills, such as Presence and Containment.

  • Cases and examples of interventions carried out in companies

The program has double certification.


First, it is certified by theInternational Coaching Federation (ICF), for Continuing Coaching Education with 19.5 CCEUs.


And second, there iscertified and runs in partnership with the UK Center for Systemic Constellations, the UK's largest and oldest training and faculty body in this work, delivering Systemic Constellation training around the world.


Completion of this course allows you to enter the Practitioner Certification of ourLeadership and Systemic Coaching Program with Constellations, known as COLPI, for 2023/24. 


Practical information 2024

To register, complete the form here


  • ICF, for Continuing Coaching Education with 19.5 CCEUs 

  • UK Systemic Constellations Center


  • January 4, 5 and 6, 2024

  • 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Value and payment method

  • Value: $300,000 Chilean pesos

  • +VAT for companies that require an invoice


  • Online

Imparted by

Josefina Errázuriz Antonijevic

Máster en Desarrollo Humano y Psicología de la Universidad de Harvard, Máster en Coaching Sistémico del Bert Hellinger Instituut de Holanda, Ingeniera Comercial de la Universidad Católica de Chile. Tiene la certificación Still-Moving Practitioners, la certificación avanzada en Constelaciones familiares del Center for Systemic Constellations UK, y se ha entrenado también mayoritariamente con Caroline Ward y Stephan Hausner.

Josefina es formadora, consultora y facilitadora de cambio con amplia experiencia profesional en el sector público, privado y en ONGs en Sudamérica, USA, y Europa.
Imparte talleres de constelaciones sistémicas internacionalmente (Ibiza, Bali, Londres, Chile) y trabaja como consultora asociada en The Whole Partnership, UK.

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