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The purpose of COLPI is to provide participants with a solid foundation in managing the powerful systemic lens and transformation method called organizational constellations, and to help them integrate it into their existing coaching and/or leader practices in transformation and change. It is also an invitation to delve deeper into your own potential and unique contribution as agents of change, and to innovate in the work that connects you to your purpose.


COLPI -Community of Learning, Practice and Innovation- was the first training program in English in the world in systemic coaching and organizational constellations, and today it is based on a highly prestigious format that has been carried out since 2000 in the UK. This 2023 will be the first time it is taken to America, with the help of Espacio Systemico..

“Fantastic professional training in systemic work with individuals and organizations, and a deeply transformative personal journey. Learning and practicing exercises to identify resources, connect with purpose and remove blockages during the six months of the course has had a profound impact on me, leaving me more resourceful, more present and with more purpose. Thank you very much for your generosity of spirit in teaching everything I have learned about this approach.”

Grainne McAnallen

For whom it is?

This program is appropriate for those who catalyze change or guide others through transformation and change: coaches, change agents, leaders and entrepreneurs. It is for every professional who seeks a deeper and more holistic look at their professional life, and needs ongoing support to practice their leadership and coaching skills, in order to unlock the unique creative potential of people, teams and organizations.

"But I'm not a coach"... Today every leader and professional needs coaching skills, constantly accompanying people and their systems to meet goals and achieve objectives. Being efficient in this support, along with knowing how to listen and monitor systems, are essential skills for everyone in today's complex world.

"But I am not a leader"... Leadership is a function in a system, and we all fulfill this function in different systems in our lives (family, teams, even personal leadership with oneself). There are people who are in greater leadership positions than others, however knowing how to lead systems is a skill that we all require, because as Jan Jacob Stam says: "We all live in systems, and otherwise the systems lead us". 

Is it required to have prior experience of some kind in system constellations?micas? If, for example, you have completed our introductory courses, have received training in systemic family constellations or have trained in organizational constellations with another institution.


What does it consist of?- Develop your capacity for Presence, your knowledge and systemic skills

This program improves your leadership capacity and also unlocks the creative potential of the people, teams and organizations with which you work.


COLPI's specific objectives include developing its capabilities in four scaling-up contexts:

1. Self and other

  • Develop your Presence, your ability to contact and resonate with others, learn body and emotional management, to be able to improve in your work and as a constellation facilitator.

  • Take your one-on-one systemic coaching to a more advanced level, including becoming fluent with different constellation methods such as desk style and floor markers.

  • Deeper understand and leverage your resources and strengths, including your Unique Purpose, and help your clients do the same.

  • Discover what barriers are holding you back from activating your potential, and what personal patterns you are projecting into your work.

2. Team contexts

  • Develop and apply a systems-based approach to coaching Teams, deepening your understanding of the Consciousnesses and Hidden Orders of Change present within them.

  • Learn to listen to teams from a systemic perception, generating common purpose to awaken collective intelligence.

3. Organizational contexts

  • Build your capacity with wider systems diagnostic constellations, including structural constellations, and shadow consulting work to help colleagues find their 'right place'.

  • Develop your use of sentences and experimental movements (in group, team, and 1-1 settings) to generate movement and solve jams.

  • Learn how to move constellations toward resolution in a group setting.

  • Discover personal and systemic patterns.


4. The market and broader ecosystem

  • Work with creative, decision-making and customer-centric constellations and apply them to creative projects, marketing or business development questions (both yours and your clients').

  • Learn how to design, market and introduce programs and interventions based on this way of working, as well as how to integrate this approach with other cutting-edge technologies, such as Presencing and Theory U.


Program structureto


  • Four 3-day circles, 12 days total per year (these areface-to-face circles in Santiago de Chile).

  • After the first three-day module, we will form practice groups among the course participants. During the periods between modules (1 and 2 - 2 and 3 - 3 and 4), these groups must meet to practice what they have learned among themselves. These can be realize online to encourage you to develop your ability to usar this job online.

  • Participants will be required to develop a final 'Creative Project', which will focus on applying a systemic lens to an existing or new area of their practice (of their choice), for example in 1-1 contexts, team coaching, personal projects or family businesses.

  • Participants may optionally have a 1-1 coaching session, via phone or Zoom, to clarify their learning needs prior to the program.

The 12-day program is double certified.


First, it is certified by theInternational Coaching Federation (ICF), for Continuing Coaching Education with 79 CCEUs.


And second, there iscertified and runs in partnership with the UK Center for Systemic Constellations, the UK's largest and oldest training and faculty body in this work, delivering Systemic Constellation training around the world.

Imparted by

Josefina Errázuriz Antonijevic

Máster en Desarrollo Humano y Psicología de la Universidad de Harvard, Máster en Coaching Sistémico del Bert Hellinger Instituut de Holanda, Ingeniera Comercial de la Universidad Católica de Chile. Tiene la certificación Still-Moving Practitioners, la certificación avanzada en Constelaciones familiares del Center for Systemic Constellations UK, y se ha entrenado también mayoritariamente con Caroline Ward y Stephan Hausner.

Josefina es formadora, consultora y facilitadora de cambio con amplia experiencia profesional en el sector público, privado y en ONGs en Sudamérica, USA, y Europa.
Imparte talleres de constelaciones sistémicas internacionalmente (Ibiza, Bali, Londres, Chile) y trabaja como consultora asociada en The Whole Partnership, UK.

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Guest Professors

In each module we will have a guest teacher to deepen the contents and topics to be discussed.

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-28 at 12.11.49.jpeg

Ingrid Antonijevic

He is an Economist  and Zen Master. 

She is a businesswoman in the IT, forestry and mining industry.

Trained at the Fernando Flores school, she took her vows with Nishijima Sensei, in Tokyo. Founder of urban dojo

Sebastian Jung.jpg

Sebastian Jung

He is an Economist, certified consultant in systemic organizational development. and international trainer.

Directs the research and methodological development of theTheater of Social Presence in direct collaboration with Otto Scharmer and Arawana Hayashi.

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Nadja Antonijevic

It's Ppsychologist Clinic PUC, MBA UC, Child therapist in private practice and pioneer in Family Constellations. He trained with Bert Hellinger in his early circles in Germany. 

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Noemi Viedma

She is a Consultant, Coach.

Training Specialist in Team Development and Systemic Leadership for cultural transformation in organizations in Spain.

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Practical information 2024


  • Certifications:

    • ICF, for Continuing Coaching Education with 79 CCEUs 

    • UK Systemic Constellations Center


Total length:12 days divided into 4 three-day modules (Thursday, Friday and Saturday - dates to be defined)


Schedule:9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with a lunch break from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can go out or have lunch right there at the Club.


  • In person

  • Vitacura, Chile

Valor y forma de pago

  • Total: $1.400.000 

  • Para asegurar tu cupo debes pagar $100.000 como reserva (se descuenta del total del pago)

  • Ver términos y condiciones al inscribirse.

If you want to receive information about the 2024 program, leave us your email

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