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Do you need to find a solution to complex problems in your organization?

Do you need to make a change in your organization and you don't know what the lever for this change is?

By viewing your organization through a single lens, you will be able to access new information and new ideas for decision-making. As a leader you will be able to go to deeper levels and make the changes that are necessary.

We use living visual maps , collective intelligence , systemic leadership and constellations

How does it work?

We can do a single session to look at a specific problem, either just with you or with your team.

We also work on a support process for your company according to a specific need and several sessions are planned in a given time.

Grupo de apoyo

Programs for companies

Te ofrecemos los siguientes programas, charlas y/o talleres que se pueden adaptar a tus necesidades de tu organización.

Develop your systemic leadership skills to make complex decisions easily, using the collective intelligence of your teams.

​Complement your masculine leadership skills with feminine skills from a systems perspective and Jungian archetypes.

Connect your organization with its purpose through a process that considers the orders that govern human systems, achieving greater productivity and sustainable results. 

Acquire circular tools, which will allow you to incorporate the internal and invisible resources of people and their relationships into your work, to change the mentality and actions with the environment.


Puedes hacer una constelación organizacional para...

Lack of clarity of purpose, stagnation, repetitive patterns, conflicts with people or teams, doubts about a product, market, client or decision-making in the face of possible scenarios or environmental conflicts.

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