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Personal Leadership

Human beings live in systems, and we carry our patterns and ways of operating from one system to another. This is why, in the exercise of leadership, it is necessary to work on oneself, in order to connect with the potential of the organization or team.


Our system of origin is the first generator of patterns, and systemic constellations allow us to very efficiently generate awareness of what we are bringing from our family system to the organizational system, what needs to be seen to be able to take the organizational system freely. We work on those unconscious patterns that are influencing us, and do not allow us to unfold our potential as leaders or that of our organizations. 


Josefina Errázuriz Antonijevic has given family constellation workshops in Ibiza, Holland, Bali, London and Chile, helping people around the world remove blockages so they can align with their future and connect with the energy of their purpose. 

To schedule a 1-1 hour with Josefina write to or her Whatsapp +56996777894.

We will share the group workshops on our social networks and by email. Subscribe to our mailing at the bottom of the page to receive news about workshops and systemic training programs. 

Talleres en Chile y por el mundo

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