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Aprendea mirar enlo profundo

¿Estas buscando desarrollar nuevas habilidades de liderazgo y coaching o necesitas ayuda para mirar  tus desafíos, los de tu organización o o de tus equipos desde una perspectiva diferente?


Te invitamos a conocer nuestros cursos y talleres, dirigidos a líderes, coaches, profesionales y emprendedores donde podrás adquirir herramientas y tecnología humana eficiente para no hacer más de lo mismo, sino que hacer algo diferente y transformador.


Systemic leadership for complexity

Develop your systemic leadership skills to make complex decisions easily, using the collective intelligence of your teams.

Female leadership

​Complement your masculine leadership skills with feminine skills from a systems perspective and Jungian archetypes.

Tuning in with purpose

Connect your organization with its purpose through a process that considers the orders that govern human systems, achieving greater productivity and sustainable results. 

Regenerative design

Acquire circular tools, which will allow you to incorporate the internal and invisible resources of people and their relationships into your work, to change the mentality and actions with the environment.

Programs for your company

For entrepreneurs and organizations


que te permiten revelar dinámicas invisibles


These Labs are one-day workshops that serve to look at challenges using a systemic lens, across organizational constellations. 
The objective is to address and simplify complex problems, generating insights that produce movement.
By incorporating the information of the multiple parties involved, the invisible dynamics that are acting in the organizations are revealed and the steps to follow are observed.

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